Magnus VR38 RWD Billet Flywheel for Torque Converter




Billet flywheel for VR38 utilizing the OEM crank trigger, which is integrated into the design in one piece. This allows the use of a billet torque converter for drag racing, Designed to work with a lock up converter. It is constructed out of 4130 Chromoly steel which is then nitrided for durability. Due to the intense demands of drag racing, this flywheel was FEA tested at 10,000RPM and 3000 lb.ft of torque and shown to retain its shape and integrity under those conditions in order to maintain Constant trigger patterns for the ECU.

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  • 4130 Chromoly Steel
  • Integrated crank trigger
  • Nitride coated
  • F.E.A. Designed to retain structure upwards to 10,000RPM and 3000 lb. ft of torque.

Part # MMCDRV7110

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