VR38 GTR R35 RWD Conversion Components + Kit



Vr38 Late model GTR RWD conversion kit, designed to be able to remove the 4WD lower pan of the VR38 and lower the engine up to 5 inches.   Lower crankshaft centerline brings the VR38 engine to a more useable  8 – 9 inch crankshaft centerline.   Perfect for RWD tube Chassis cars, Street rods, or Sports car and carbon monocoque tub vehicles that utilize the engine as a stressed member.    5 stage Peterson R4 Dry sump mounts are optional.  Uses Factory GTR starter, factory GTR crank sensor, can be teamed with our billet flywheel and bellhousing for 1 completely engineered combination.


Included in Kit

  • Motor Plate
  • Adapter
  • Spacer
  • Hardware

Part # MMCDRV7000