R35 GTR Mechanical Fuel Pump Kit




Need more fuel for your GTR? Sick of the problems and short-comings of the multiple electrical pumps? Want the ultimate in reliability?

After dealing with issues associated with running multiple in tank pumps with the GTR we decided to solve the problem. The heating of the fuel associated with running multiple pumps can cause serious tuning issues, or in more serious circumstances can cause the engine to lean out during high rpm/high boost situations. The mechanical fuel pump ads no additional heat to the fuel keeping it cool and consistent. With more than enough flow to support any GTR’s horsepower levels with absolutely no drop in pressure. This fuel pump has been proven to supply over 170psi at the rail. The mechanical fuel pump is absolutely necessary for any car looking to make power using 6 injectors. As an added bonus the system is overall much lighter than adding additional electric pumps, and follows the keep it simple principal. Our kit retains your factory in tank pumps to allow for stock like operation and use of all fuel in the tank. Can also be used with swirl pot/surge tank or fuel cell with mechanical pump drawing directly from that source.

Designed for use with the Magnus MF Mechanical Fuel Pump


Kit Includes:
Magnus MF Mechanical Fuel Pump – Optional
GT1R GTR Harmonic Damper – Required
Belt Drive Kit
Mounting Brackets
10 ORB Fittings for Pump
All required mounting hardware.


  • Can be used with multiple fuels (Gas, Methanol, and Ethanol)
  • Simplifies your fuel system
  • Reliability -No more need for multiple electric pumps
  • Safety – in case of fire or engine failure engine , pumps shuts off cutting the fuel supply to fire


Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 10.125 × 6.125 × 3.125 in