Magnus Billet Honda K series K20/K24 Engine Block



The Honda K series block was originally designed to handle 300hp in Naturally aspirated format. Magnus developed the billet K series block to handle over 1700+ hp.

Originally developed for No water applications, but now available with water jackets for water cooling.

Magnus designed, and completely machined in house.  We start with a 6061 block that is machined to near finish size, then our rough block is treated and retested to make sure it material has maintained T6 condition.  Once it is cleared we finish machine the external surfaces, finish machine for sleeves, install the Billet 7075 main cap and align hone.  Internal clearance is not required to run aluminum rods.  Internal clearance is not required to run 106mm crank with our aluminum rods.

Block can be had in water jacketed applications, Lightweight or solid no coolant.  Finished solid no water block weighs 72 lbs roughly double the weight of a standard K and over 10 times as strong torsionally.  Was specifically requested to be heavy for use in RWD chassis cars and Sport FWD race cars, where weight on the nose of the vehicle is a priority.

Available with special Magnus head sealing solution


  • 6061 Billet Block
  • 7075 Billet Girdle
  • significant internal clearance to clear 106mm stroke with aluminum rods
  • Available in No water jacket version or with water jacket
  • Centrifugally spun Ductile Iron Dry Liners
  • 4 bolt mains w/ ARP hardware

Part # MMCENG9000