Magnus 8 additional injector secondary fuel rail weld in kit 93mm bore spacing with rail



Do you need 12 injectors? Of course you do! 3 injectors per cylinder, why not!

The Magnus 8 additional injector Secondary Rail Kit provides a quick economical way to mount a secondary set of 8 fuel injectors to your existing manifold. No downtime in sending your manifold in for modification.

This variation is to mount 8 injectors in a row on your manifold, while utilizing your original 4 injectors for a total of 12 injectors!

The unique  One piece design also makes it very easy to line it up when welding, eliminating the possibility of accidentally welding one injector boss on crooked, or having crooked fuel rails, and/or badly sealing injectors. This would flare up an extreme case of OCD with your fabricator, and cause him to whip out his angle grinder in anger and possibly ruin something while cutting it off to start over again. Do it right! Buy this!

When you’re running E85, E98, Methanol or just making big power on gas, one or two injectors per cylinder just doesn’t cut it. This is your solution!


  • Billet 6061 Pedestal
  • Magnus -10 Fuel Rail (11mm injector O-ring)
  • Fuel Rail Spacers
  • M8 Allen Head Bolts


Any aluminum intake manifold with bore spacing of 91-95mm (Actual bore spacing of 93mm) Works on all after market 4G63 intake manifolds, works on K series and F series.


  • 6061 Billet aluminum
  • One piece injector boss for easy weld-on installation
  • Add’s 8 more injectors for additional fuel delivery

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Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 4 × 4 in