Honda Mechanical Fuel Pump Crank Drive – K Series


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Introducing the Magnus MF K Series Mechanical fuel kit.  Sick of the problems and short-comings of  electric pumps? Want the ultimate in reliability?

The heating of the fuel associated with running multiple pumps can cause serious tuning issues, or in more serious circumstances can cause the engine to lean out during high rpm/high boost situations. The mechanical fuel pump adds no additional heat to the fuel keeping it cool and consistent. With more than enough flow to support any  horsepower levels with absolutely no drop in pressure. This fuel pump has been proven to supply over 180psi at the rail.   Added features of the a mechanical fuel pump system are over lighter one small pump will supply all the fuel you need.  Less complication, No multiple pumps needed. with No wiring and No ECU controlled outputs,  No added electrical system draw, No additional transformers, or something additional to worry about tuning. Only one pump is needed driven directly from the engine.  Follows the keep it simple principal.

Every component is designed and built in house to the strictest tolerances. Lightweight 3 bolt crank drive gear is the lightest on the market, as well a the Fuel pump drive gear was designed to be as light as possible as well.  All wear parts are hard anodized for superior reliability.

Designed for use with Magnus MF Fuel Pump. part number MMCFUL1002


  • Driven from Crank of the Honda K series (Requires ATI Balancer)
  • Can be used with multiple fuels (Gas, Methanol, and Ethanol)
  • Simplifies your fuel system
  • Increases reliability -No more need for multiple electric pumps
  • Increases safety – in case of fire or engine failure engine, pumps shuts off cutting the fuel supply to fire
  • Decreased heating of fuel


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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 6 in