We Currently have experience tuning:  Audi, Acura, BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Dodge, Eagle, Ferrari, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Hummer, Infinity, Jeep, Lamborghini, Lexus, Lotus, Mazda, Mercedes AMG, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Pontiac, Porsche, Subaru, Toyota, VW, Volvo.

Nissan R35 GT-R Magnus Dyno Tune

Nissan R35 GT-R Magnus Dyno Tune


In over 15 years in the business, Magnus was tuning Fuel injection systems way before it was popular. Magnus has tuned with either factory ECU or Standalone or piggyback ECU all of the above vehicles, all of our tuning and dyno sessions are on file, ask for a comparison file to your vehicle

When your standalone ECU or factory ECU is tuned at Magnus, it is tuned by one of the most knowledgeable tuners in the industry who has a handle on what it takes to make power, reliably.

EVO X on the dyno

Magnus has been at the forefront of engine building and performance part engineering for almost 15 years. Your collection of bolt on parts, or your high dollar race engine  are only as good as your engine tuner.  If all of the components cannot be orchestrated to work properly, you will not be able to extract maximum performance from your vehicle.

At Magnus your engine is mapped by our head engine builder.  This differs from other tuners who are just tuners. Having a clear understanding of the fundamental engine principals are what set a real tuner apart from a guy in a garage with a laptop.  Which camshaft, how much over lap is used, which turbocharger, which intercooler, intercooler plumbing routing, what rod stroke ratio, what compression ratio, etc. all of these components which  been modified to your engine make a colossal difference as to how your engine will respond.  Because Magnus tunes the motors they build, they have the confidence and the knowledge to make your motor perform, Rest assured we will not be experimenting or learning on your motor, we have already done it before.  All of the 4G63 engine combinations, rod stroke ratios, and pirated piston designs currently in use by our competitors are all old news to us, they where pioneered here at Magnus. You can rest assured that we have the knowledge base and experience to safely extract all the performance potential of your combination.

Driveability and Coldstarts

Magnus being in a cold climate for 4 months of the year, have become experts in cold weather tuning.  This is what sets a tuner apart from ‘full throttle mapper’.  Anyone can make a full throttle tune.  Making a car that can start in -40 C flawlessly is a different story.  When the weather drops below freezing nobody wants to be stuck outside.  Magnus’ unparalleled experience in cold start mapping makes sure you can drive your modified vehicle all year long.  This is probably the number one complaint of people installing standalone ecu’s.  When we tune your vehicle we tune it in every possible load point that a normal driver would expect to cross.  We tune your car to drive like original or better than original.  If you have the right equipment, we can make it run correctly.  We make sure that you vehicle doesn’t have the annoying quirks of a ‘tuned’ car.  Tuned cars have always had a bad name from a driveability standpoint. It usually meant you have to live with bad tuning.  This is only because you are dealing with inexperienced tuners that don’t understand engines, and their principles.  No jerky off idle switch like driveability, no bad fuel mileage, no changing spark plugs and replacing batteries in mid winter, when your car wont cold start.

Dodge Viper Turbo

Dodge Viper Turbo


Magnus has been tuning Standalone ECU’s since 1996.  At the time most people were still using rising rate fuel pressure regulators as a tuning device or additional injector controllers. Myriads of add on boxes were used to try and enrich the engines fuel requirements after they had been modded. Magnus was at this time making all of our own custom 1 off engine parts (which were not easily available as they are today back then) and beginning to explore programmable fuel injection systems.  We soon realized that the only way to extract power from your car was to be in complete control of the ECU.  Magnus soon became an installation and tuning house well recognized the world over.   Magnus’ Racing experience being the only Canadian team to compete the Import / Sport Compact  racing circuits in USA and winning, gave us credibility soon worldwide.


By having such a big jump on the competition, it gave us more experience and familiarity with almost every type of ECU that was out there on the market.  It even led us to develop our own plug and play harnesses to make installation easier for Haltech which was the number 1 affordable engine management solution of the time.  Developing our own parts helped us understand how remapping was able to benefit every small change in engine airflow. These days is pretty much written in stone that after a major component change in the engine it must be remapped, but in the early days, we would quietly watch as people would mod their cars without proper tuning, and destroy them quite quickly.

Mitsubishi EVO X GSR

Mitsubishi EVO X GSR


Currently we hold many world records and are world renown for our abilities.  It requires as much finesse in the engine building and selection and design of the correct components as it requires the correct mapping.  You are only as good as the sum of your parts and the experience of your tuner.

We were running over 60 psi and methanol as a fuel in 2002 when that kind of boost pressure  was thought to be impossible, currently our most highly tuned engines run over 90 psi of pressure and through 2L of displacement can reach terminal speeds of 202 mph in the quarter mile in 6.8 seconds

Road race, Hill climb, Street tuning in our years in business we have helped many achieve their goals.  If max horsepower is your goal, we have no problem pushing the envelope.


Dyno : AWD Dynojet chassis dyno.

By purchasing the industry standard dyno that North America has been tuning on for over 15 years, we make no excuses apologies for our dyno number readings.  Our Dyno provides The most accurate and the most consistent numbers.  We have used every dyno on the market, and have not found bulletproof reliability in any other machine.  Also, and the most important, The numbers cannot be adjusted altered, or fudged.  It will read the same every time.

  • Audible Knock detection devices
  • Magnus utilizes Factory knock sensors and our own audible knock detection devices to determine if you motor is running safely
  • Full OBD2 datalogging connected to the dyno
  • 5 channel analog datalogging connected to the dyno
  • Flashing software for almost every vehicle year 2003 + up
  • Porsche VAG  Flash tools
  • Mercedes Flash tools and BDM Bench flasher
  • Ferrari / Maserati Fiat Flash tools
  • Linx 4wd Belt drive system links up the two rollers for more load and the ability to dyno split 4wd 70/30 systems like Cadillac, Lamborghini, Audi R8, Porsche 996, 997

COBB Accessport

Cobb Accessport is one of the best solutions out there for newer cars.  Subaru Nissan Honda Mazda Mitsubishi As of this writing Magnus is the only authorized Pro- Tuner for Nissan GTR.

Standalone ECU’s we currently Tune

We are factory trained and are experienced in tuning all of the following ECU’s  even if your selected ECU is not on the list we have probably tuned it at one point or another.  If you have a software new to the market or would like advice, leave it with us a day in advance for evaluation and we can steer you right direction to see which would be best for your vehicle

AEM Logo

We are the #1 AEM tuner in Canada, and a certified Dealer.  If your car was tuned by someone else we can Guarantee you will make more power and your car will drive better with our tune.  We have tuned over 300 cars equipped with an AEM at our facility.  Cold start driveability and horsepower is our specialty

We have been tuning Motec since 1999, and have experience setting up and calibrating dashboards, loggers, and all auxiliary sensors.  Motec is our preferred weapon of choice on any high dollar race car.


We have been a Haltech Dealer since 1998 and have experience with every Haltech system ever sold.

Probably  one of the  most expensive system of the lot, we have experience setting up all logging systems and tuning.

Additional tuning:

MICROTECH – VIPEC – Autronic – SDS – ECUFLASH – BIG STUFF – ACCEL DFI – 034 – Electromotive – Magnetti Marelli – Bosch – DTA – Greddy – Hondata – K-pro – SCT – POWER FC – HP TUNERS

If your current software or computer is not listed please call.

Stock ECU Flashing, Currently tuning these vehicles:

Mitsubishi – Subaru – Mercedes Benz – Porsche – VW – Audi – Smart – Ferrari – Lamborghini – Maserati – Bentley

Track support

 For a nominal fee Magnus offers trackside tuning and support.  Shaking down a new race vehicle can be a nerve racking experience, Magnus can be there to offer valuable tuning and support to make sure your racing goes smoothly.

Off site tuning  + Travel to your Country

We have been all over the world to offer our tuning services, from Eastern and Western Europe to South America, Caribbean, Middle East, Asia and Australia.  Being Canadian we have much more travel freedom than most of our American counterparts.

Courses  + Tutoring

Magnus offers courses for those who want to become more familiar with tuning their vehicles themselves.  Or sometimes, people just need an experienced hand to help them navigate around what can sometime be very complex software.  Please contact us for more details.