The Shootout 2016

The DSM Shootout has definitely outgrown the little “Drunk’N’Drag” get together for some DSM enthusiasts that was fulfilled with some sweet 12second cars and drunken stories. It really puts a smile on our face to see that The Shootout has grown to an almost 10,000 attendee event. Yet another great shootout has gone by and the race to next year’s event has begun. Seeing this year’s achievements for both driver’s and event attendance has left us with nothing but an imagination of how great next year’s Shootout will be.

We had decided to approach this year’s shootout quiet differently, the usual let’s slap the motor together, tune the car and throw it in the trailer approach was thrown aside. We had chosen to build some wondering and confusion for those attending by doing something never done before, and posting teasers of our car on the “interwebs”. Marco had come up with a crazy idea of doing a Cantilever set up in the rear end that had even the employee’s scratching their heads. Before we knew it we were cutting up the suspension and looking for a way for this to work. Therefore the shootout was more of a test and tune for us than a racing competition.




Our reason for leaving the traditional rear end set up  had all started with a simple decision to upgrade to a 3000GT rear end…… Well simple was clearly an understatement, the new objective was to add a bigger tire and run a true drag shock. Our goal wasn’t to fab everything up and throw it in the car for some street cred. The objective was to improve traction and make the car go straight.7f756bcb3481db56650768cc5fc0cf50

We could not be any more satisfied with the outcome of the cantilever set up we had come up with here at the Magnus Minion Headquarters! Everything went as planned and the car did exactly what we had intended on.

_DSC0246          _DSC0253

_DSC0062-2          _DSC0291

_DSC0359          _DSC0127



Our good friend Gary Andr brought out his RWD 1G build and broke quiet a few necks with it. Although the car was not race ready, it was one hell of a teaser for everyone of what’s to come!

_DSC0112          _DSC0097-2

_DSC0236          _DSC0238

_DSC0324          _DSC0277



We would also like to congratulate our friend Mike with trapping at 158mph at the shootout , and most importantly thank him for all his help and support year round. We would also like to thank our friends John Wigger, Gary Andr, Nathan Samuels from Apex Motoring, & Mike Andolsun for all their help throughout the weekend!

_DSC0154          _DSC0516

_DSC0301          _DSC0061

_DSC0033          _DSC0029

_DSC0484          _DSC0115



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