Newly Revised EVO VII-IX Front Subframe

Magnus Motorsports Evo VII-IX CT9A Front Subframe


As the Mitsubishi Evolution CT9A platform continues to get faster and faster, we are all demanding more from the chassis. As the level continues to reach a new peak, we continue to create new products to solve known & arising problems that come with making more power, increased G forces and huge gains in overall speed.

CT9A Front Subframe 2016

We revised our original subframe design to make it stronger and more suited to all forms of motorsport and street cars.


Improvements & New Features
•37% increased tortional rigidity
•Available for both left hand drive & right hand drive
•Optional north-south & east-west bars
•Only 1.9lbs heavier than previous model



Hiroshi from Escort Drag Racing Services in Japan was the first to run our newly revised subframe.

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