High Boost and Consistent Fuel Pressure Secrets

A consistent supply of fuel is a very important ingredient to your car whether it’s a race car or just a fun toy for the street. From our efforts in the past in methanol fueling the Mitsubishi 4G63, we found that electric pumps were not only noisy and taxing on the cars charging system, but reliability was not the same as with a mechanical setup, not to mention that multiple pumps had to be run to 1557641_704184319602063_1778335033_nprovide the proper fuel flow. Your car is suffering from a fuel pressure problem right now, you just don’t know it yet!

In our experience every car we tune that has an electric fuel system, will most likely suffer from a fuel pressure problem when we try to achieve high boost.

Multiple in tank fuel pumps (we’ve seen as many as 6 pumps in the tank!) usually cause a multitude of problems the first being heating of the fuel, which causes cavitation, this in itself being the biggest enemy of anyone who is designing their own fuel system.

On a constant speed electric DC fuel pump as pressure rises, flow will always decrease, illustrated in this graph you will see, as pressure increases, flow will always decrease on any pump.  The beauty of a mechanical pump is that it is directly tied to engine speed at a 2:1 ratio, therefore at idle, it will be spinning at 500 RPM and not super heating the fuel, while providing just enough fuel pressure, when it hits max RPM (5000) it will be providing more than enough pressure for in some cases 4000 HP!  This is the fuel system everyone needs!  Do it once and forget about it.

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Turbo technology has advanced at such a high rate that 45 – 50 psi is the norm for most cars we tune.  In our experience,  cars using an older fuel system of only few years in age; they begin to experience fuel pressure drop at high boost and high rpm. They were virtually guaranteed to experience this problem unless using high dollar electric fuel pumps such as Weldon.  At Magnus we have been running boost pressure in excess of 60 psi on our cars since 2001, we new the need for a mechanical pump back then and have seen it time and again on all of the cars we map worldwide.


With a mechanical fuel pump you will benefit not only from the advantage of increased fuel flow, but a safe and reliable solution as well. In a case of engine failure or fire the engine driven pump no longer turns and the supply of fuel is shut off with engine kill. The fuel pump also requires no electrical connection or relays.

A mechanical fuel pump is absolutely necessary for any car Magnus Fuel Pressure Regulatorlooking to make power. The Aeromotive mechanical fuel pump supports 3500+hp on gasoline and 1800hp on methanol. The mechanical fuel pump ads no additional heat to the fuel keeping it cool and consistent eliminating serious tuning issues caused by the heating of the fuel associated with running multiple pumps. The mechanical fuel pump also eliminates inconsistent fuel pressure during saving your engine from a potentialy expensive lean condition.   We make Mechanical fuel pump solutions for a multitude of cars, please browse through the fuel section of the website


Subzero Nissan GTR has the fastest 60ft and runs our GTR Mechanical fuel pump kit.


Kevin Jewer’s RWD 1G Talon runs our 4G63 mechanical fuel pump kit


King’s Evo runs our Low Mount 4G63 Low Mount Mechanical Fuel Pump Kit


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