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Modifying exotic vehicles has not been a common practice up until a couple of years ago. It was not that long ago when exotic vehicles were uncommon among the tuner culture and were only being raced and modified in the high leagues like LeMans. Today the practice has become more common and has become a very popular trend. However the uncommon trend has not stopped us here at Magnus from building  exotics and has been one of our specialties for over a decade now.

Largest & Lightest

Our relationship with Porsche dates back to Magnus_996_intercooler8over a decade, we have kept our intercooler and turbo kits exclusive to in house builds for quite some time now. After countless hours of engineering, fabrication, and testing we are now offering our intercooler kit to the public. Our Magnus Intercoolers are the most light weight on the market and also use the largest intercooler core.


  • Largest intercooler core on the market
  • Most lightweight on the market
  • Factory fit
  • Slim fan kit is required
  • Custom 4.5”x9.0”x14” intercooler core
  • 2” Intercooler inlets
  • 3” Intercooler Outlet
  • 3” Aluminum Piping
  • Tial BOV Flanges

Optional Add-ons


Price: $4,000.00

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