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If you have been around long enough you will know that Magnus has been building intake manifolds and modifying OEM manifolds for the past 20 years now. Our experience has given us enough knowledge to become one of the leading brands in making intake manifolds. 15 years ago Magnus introduced their first sheet metal intake manifolds and since has been engineering and expending their fleet of intake manifolds.

Magnus has developed a sheetmetal intake manifold exclusively for use with K swapped cars.  Like our B series manifold, This manifold can be used on both naturally aspirated and forced induction applications.
These manifolds offer excellent spool up characteristics and huge top end power increases over the factory intake manifold. Featuring a velocity stack design, and CNC machined flanges, all of our intakes manifolds are hand made and welded by our craftsmen in-house to ensure the strictest in quality standards.

Available also in RWD format and with nitrous bungs and secondary fuel rail setups! Popular with K series S2000 swap cars and RWD K series


  • RSX / K20 / K24

Optional Parts

Part Number:

  • MMCINT3015 - RSX K20
  • MMCINT3015A - K20 RWD


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