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Magnus has designed a Fuel Pressure Regulator. Full billet housing in black for a clean look and added durability.  Comes with an adjustable bracket to easily mount it anywhere.  A high quality diaphragm is used internally, which is the most important piece.  This FPR is reliable and fully adjustable from 30 - 100 psi depending on the fuel pump being used.  Feel confident when buying this unit, it is not a cheap off shore made FPR.  The entire unit is made and assembled by Magnus.  Works with both N/A and Forced induction applications.

It surprises me how many people come to get their car tuned and have a fuel system that cannot supply the fuel required, or keep the pressure required to make 500hp.

Well, We've decided to not take this standing still. Magnus has a complete fuel kits that eliminate all of the common mistakes people make when piecing one together themselves. These are Race Fuel and Ethanol compatible, and Methanol compatible.


  • T 6061 Billet aluminum construction and black anodized with Magnus logo engraved in top
  • These are Race fuel and Ethanol compatible, and Methanol compatible will be available soon!
  • Magnus remote mounted fuel pressure regulator is available with 8 o-ring boss inlets and 6 o-rign boss outlet.
  • mounting brace mounts in 45 degree 90 degree and 180 degree positions to facilitate mounting.
  • 1/8th vacuum hose end for 1:1 fuel pressure adjustment under boost


  • Universal

Optional Parts

Part #

  • MMCFUL1022


Price: $179.99

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