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The Homework Has Been Done

Magnus has been at the forefront of Mitsubishi piston design and technology for over 10 years. Within this time we have produced every type of combination of piston that you could possibly dream of. Looking for that special combination for your motor, just ask because we may have it, chances are we have already done it. Compression ratio’s from 7.5:1 to 12.5:1 have already been engineered and tested, no need to experiment with someone else’s product. We take the guesswork out of it for you.



Often imitated never duplicated

Magnus pistons are built for maximum power. All pistons are for turbo and nitrous applications, unless specified for naturally aspirated use. Our pistons are designed to be lightest weight possible yet retain the most strength possible. High strength, taper wall pins are used in all applications. Pistons are designed to reduce thrust loading on cylinder walls, while prolonging bearing life at high RPM’s and remaining silent in their bores, even when installing at loose tolerances of .005” plus. Mitsubishi pistons feature our famous detonation fighting quench pad dish, which has been plagiarized by other companies as their own.  They may look similar but they are not the same

Our piston list will now stock the most popular sizes of pistons. Any type of piston is available by special request, however, you must allow between 3 – 5 weeks for delivery and between 5 – 8 weeks during racing season.

Part #

  • MMCENG1035020
  • MMCENG1035ST
  • MMCENG1066020
  • MMCENG1066ST
  • MMCENG1067020
  • MMCENG1067ST
  • MMCENG1068020
  • MMCENG1068ST
  • MMCENG1069020
  • MMCENG1069ST
  • MMCENG1070020
  • MMCENG1070ST
  • MMCENG1071020
  • MMCENG1071ST
  • MMCENG1072020
  • MMCENG1072ST

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