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A Stage 1 Block at an OE rebuild price! Your Magnus Shortblock will be rebuilt with better than OEM parts to closer than OEM specifications.


  • OE Crankshaft Polished
  • Ross Piston (8.3:1 DSM / 9.0:1 Evo)
  • Eagle Connecting Rods
  • ACL Race Series Bearings / thrust washers
  • Balance Shaft Eliminator Kit
  • Add ARP Main Studs and an Alignhone for $325
  • Add a Magnus Main Girdle for $120 (6 Bolt DSM only)

All Magnus Motors receive the same high quality level of machining regardless of "Stage". We don't believe in cutting corners on workmanship only to offer an engine 10% cheaper than our competitors.

Every core we use is disassembled, cleaned and thoroughly inspected before being selected. Frost plugs are removed and replaced and squirters are dissasembled, cleaned and inspected or replaced as needed. Surface is decked and the cylinders are honed with a deckplate in a climate controlled environment.  For Customer using ARP Main Studs and a Magnus Girdle an align hone is done as well. Crankshafts are magnafluxed and polished. Block is clearanced for stroker cranks and / or aluminum rods as needed. Pistons, rods and crankshaft are installed, assembled and balanced.

Our Stage 1 pricing is based on the customer sending in a usable shortblock core with crankshaft, main caps and squirters. If you are unable to send a core we can provide one for you! DSM cores are an additional $500, Evolution cores are $1950.

Part #

  • MMEENG1074

Old Price: $2,474.99

Price: $2,224.99

You save: $250.00!

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