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The Magnus billet front cover is the best engineered system for Dry sumping your 4G63. Other company's still leave the original oil pump and front cover in place. This not only restricts flow, but still leaves failure prone front pump in line for yet another failure. we eliminate this altogether, and built a bulletproof setup, this is the main component.

We engineered an entire front cover with a sealed bearing that could handle big loads.  We were planning on using the original gear but that plan was scrapped in favor of designing an entirely new  gear ourselves and manufacturing it in house.   It no longer drives the oil pump; It is now just an idler pulley and allows you to use the original belt.  The front cover has original timing marks for when you are timing your motor; It fits 7 bolt and EVO crank sensor.  It can be custom made in 6 bolt to fit crank trigger option if you need as well.  Original oil seal fits inside our billet cover. Will not work with the balance shaft gear as a spacer, the balance shaft kit spacer is providedcomplete2

Available for all 4G63 engines, will only work in conjunction with the Magnus Dry sump oil pan will not work with original pans.

Part #

  • MMCENG2004
  • MMCENG2005
  • MMCENG2006
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Price: $895.00

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