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Our friend Timmy, usually comes here and touches all of the cool stuff we make and then we may find him in the bathroom shortly thereafter touching himself.  This time though, he came up with a winner, he developed a sweet lower control arm for use on the 1 Lap of America EVO X.  Since we like him, we gave him some tips on helping  to develop it, now were going to help him sell it.

TimmySpec Evo X Rear Upper Adjustable Control Arms are made with heat treated chromoly rod ends with a Teflon liner made in the USA, T6061 anodized center links made in Toronto, T6061 anodized bushings made in Rochester, NY and track-tested in the One Lap of America.  Truly a quality part, and one that will help you correct the Camber you need in your EVOX or will help you get that Hella Flush look all the kids are doing!

Includes full-color, step-by-step assembly instructions.


  • Billet Steel Construction 


  • EVO X

Part #

  • MMCSUP1005


Price: $339.00

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