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Magnus Billet Crankshaft


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No more knife work needed!

In our many years of racing experience, we would perform many selected operations to stock crankshafts to help us achieve our high horsepower and reliability goals. From knife-edging, to cryo treatment, to nitriding, to balancing, etc. In essence we would take a 700 dollar factory crank and massage it until we have spent close to 2000 dollars on the finished piece. We were still left with a product made from an inferior material that had structural limitations that no amount of metal treatment could alleviate. So we decided to design our own crankshaft out of the highest quality materials, for the maximum strength while making it lighter than original and through careful counterweight reengineering, removed the harmonics that come with removing your balance shafts.

Your build must have the strongest foundation

Your crankshaft is the foundation so look at it this way, when building a sky scraper you’re not going to create the same foundation that you would for a two story house. So why use the weak and corner cut foundation. Use the foundation that we have created… The Magnus Billet Crank, we have performed many operations over the years to an OEM crank that gave us the answers to what works. Still being left with the structural limitations that you are faced with on a modified OEM crank we provide you with a lightened 4340 Billet chromemoly steel Magnus crank.

Magnus is now exclusively offering crankshafts manufactured from lightened 4340 Billet chromemoly steel, with cross drilled oiling holes, large fillet radii, 2 lbs lighter than stock–yet 3 times as strong.

Available in custom strokes upon request.

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Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 5 in
Billet Crank Configurations

Magnus Billet Crankshaft 4G63 – 6 Bolt, 88mm Stroke (MMCENG1005), Magnus Billet Crankshaft 4G63 – 6 Bolt, 100mm Stroke (MMCENG1007), Magnus Billet Crankshaft 4G63 – 6 Bolt, 92mm Stroke (MMCENG1006), Magnus Billet Crankshaft 4G63 – 7 Bolt, 95.5mm Stroke (MMCENG1011), Magnus Billet Crankshaft 4G63 – 7 Bolt, 100mm Stroke (MMCENG1010), Magnus Billet Crankshaft 4G63 – 7 Bolt, 88mm Stroke (MMCENG1008), Magnus Billet Crankshaft 4G63 – 7 Bolt, 92mm Stroke (MMCENG1009)