AWD Dyno

DynoJet AWD Dyno

DynoJet AWD Dyno

Magnus is proud to announce the addition of its 424LINX AWD Dynojet.  The only 424Linx Dynojet in all of Canada Catering to  the Greater Toronto Area.  The absolute best dyno in Toronto.

Features of our 424 linked AWD dyno include:

  • 2 x 1500 hp 224 Dynojets than can be coupled or run seperately in 2WD mode or AWD mode.
  • 5 channels of analog datalogging including 0-60psi of boost
  • Wideband datalogging
  • OBDII datalogging (any 1996 and up car equipped with an OBDII data port can interface with the computer to playback vital information on the screen)
  • Mounted in ground to accommodate Exotic Cars
  • Linx Belt drive, to be able to tune all kinds of unequal split 4wd vehicles.  Including 911 Porsche Turbo, Lamborghini Gallardo and Murcielago, Audi R8, Nissan GTR, Cadillac Escalade, Chrysler Hemi equipped 4WD vehicles and all others.

The dyno is a safe and effective alternative way to tune your vehicle, or to diagnose problems with your vehicle. Our OBDII, wideband, and analog channel datalogging will prove to be invaluable when diagnosing and tuning your vehicle, wether it be high performance application or even a stubborn daily driver.

Magnus can offer the experience you need when tuning your vehicle. We have over 15 years experience in tuning, and stand alone engine mapping. Magnus has an extensive reputation known the world over for building and tuning some of the world most powerful engines. These tuning services can be offered to you by appointment. We have experience tuning almost every engine management ECU on the market, and now offer tuning to almost every stock ECU on newer model cars.  Our years of experience has led to highly developed relationships with all of these manufacturers, and qualifications beyond the rest.

Because of this experience Magnus has invested in the all of the tools needed to tune your vehicle.  We tune everything from Mercedes to Mini to VW, to Porsche to Mitsubishi.

Please call or email for an appointment.

Our AWD Dyno is located at:
8600 Keele St., Unit #30
Concord, Ontario


Minimum charge of 1 hour is applicable to all vehicle hookups.

2WD mode $250.00/hr
AWD mode $250.00/hr
Option 1 – Wideband NC
Option 2 – OBDII Datalog NC
Option 3 – Analog channel datalog $25-50/channel (one time per visit fee)
Cleanup charge You operate the mop and bucket.

Waiver of liability must be signed before vehicle enters the premises.